Friday, January 22, 2010


I love being a mom.  I love being a wife.  I love cooking.  I love baking.  These things were not always loves of mine.  The first two obviously came with certain life changing events.  The last two have grown over time.  I love finding recipes and creating delicious meals for my husband and I to enjoy when he comes home from work.  I love baking cakes, brownies, and cookies to have on hand for dessert.  Perhaps this is why I'm not losing any weight.  That's another topic for another day.

With all of these loves come 'not-so-much' moments.  For example, when Jack throws his food off of his high chair, refuses to sleep in his crib by himself, or removes every last item from the lower kitchen drawers, I think "not-so-much!"  When my husband wants to work on the computer in the evenings, watch some weird PBS show, or go to bed right after dinner, I think "not-so-much!"  *For the record, I do enjoy PBS*

It's the not-so-much moments of cooking that have me down recently.  I meal plan, grocery shop every week, and plan yummy -and sometimes healthy- dinners for us throughout the week.  But you know what comes along with the fun cooking?  A crabby baby who doesn't want you to do anything but hold and play with him when you need to get dinner ready.  A kitchen sink that is overflowing with dirty dishes on one side and clean dishes on the other.  A dishwasher that can't be emptied unless the boy is strapped in his high chair, thus keeping his hands out of the clean/dirty/sharp dishes.  Plates, cups and napkins from lunch that haven't been red up (I've got PA in my blood, sorry), because running after Jack is more demanding than those dishes. 

Sometimes, when I look around the kitchen, I feel very defeated.  It is never ending.  A wife and mother's job literally never ends.  I try to think what it would have been like to live in the early 1900's as a wife and mother.  Then I become very thankful for my dishwasher, paper towels, and dish soap.  I do love my life, but sometimes....Not-So-Much!


  1. And check out my got an award!

  2. OH! I can so relate!!!!! I'm visiting from Mandy's blog! Its nice to meet you!!!! I will be back again!

  3. I'm sorry things are a bit hard at the moment. I know my sister (who has 2 children) has said the same kind of thing to me before too! Thanks for being honest. :D

  4. I definitelt know what you mean about your baby wanting to be held while cooking. Sometimes I let her participate and so know she kind of expects to be included all of the time and sometimes that is not practical. Thank you for the comment on the cupcakes! But I guess it seems that you didn't fix your email so that I could respond :). I looked around the settings on my blog and I think I figured out how you can fix it if you would like to. Go to Dashboard, then go to Settings, then go to Comments, then go all the way to the bottom where it says comment moderation and then enter your email there. If that's not how you do it, then I am not sure lol!

  5. I know exactly what you mean. I was just telling my Hubby that I love to entertain, I love to cook and bake I just hate the day to day cooking. Dinner party every Saturday? No problem! Hot meal on the table every weekday? Ugh! :)

  6. I am there with you! For some reason, Little Man just gravitates toward the sharp knives in the dishwasher. He has broken a favorite pampered chef pitcher on our ceramic floor as well as a good PLASTIC mixing bowl. I am constantly tripping over the things he has emptied from cabinets. I have to go through the garbage to see what treasures he has thrown away in an effort to help.

    oh - I appreciate your pittsburghese! I too need to red up the house but just run out of energy!


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