Friday, September 16, 2011

Foto Friday–Pattern


It’s here again!  Foto Friday.  This week went by pretty quickly around here.  Not much to tell…except that my son is POTTY TRAINING!  And he’s doing a great job.  I can’t wait to tell you about it.  I’m a proud mama.

I couldn’t get a good “pattern” picture to save my life, so I went into the archives.  And these are OLD archives.  3 years old to be exact.  My mom, Rick, and I went to Alaska before Jack was born (I was 14 weeks pregnant at the time).  It was the best vacation.  I’ve been a lot of places, and besides Wales, Alaska is my number 1 spot to visit in the world.  I have two number 1’s.  It’s my blog, I can do that.

A few friends of mine have recently been to Alaska and they’ve been sharing their pictures.  It makes me want to go back!! So, I did…via my picture files.  It was a lot less expensive this way.

Here are the three pictures I found that I felt fit the “pattern” theme for this week.  I should put a disclaimer on here that I’m pretty sure my mother took these pictures.  Not me.  But I came from her womb, (and they’re on my computer) so I say that’s allowed. Enjoy!

(Skagway, AK) (Those were my initials before I was married)

(Fairbanks, AK)P1010007 copy

(Talkeetna, AK)

Obviously, this doesn’t show you Alaska at all, but they’re cute pictures.  I wish my Alaska pictures had turned out better.  My camera at the time was unknowingly set on ‘email quality’ pictures, and the date was stamped on them all.  I blame that on being pregnant at the time.  I had already started losing brain cells by then.  Thank goodness my mom was camera-happy that trip!


  1. Haha! You make laugh! These are great "pattens"
    I absolutely adore that moose! I can't wait to show my boyfriend that photo!
    I would love to visit Alaska someday.

    Thanks for sharing Amanda,

  2. Cannot believe that you used my pictures. I am so proud. I'd like to go back too. What a good vacation. Mom

  3. Amanda,
    What awesome pictures.
    Our two oldest children live in Alaska, and we were supposed to go next week, but alas the finances did not pan out.
    I'm hoping and planning for next spring ... then me and my Nikon will have the very first vacations of our lifetime!
    Blessings and thanks for your awesome visit to my blog!

  4. Such great pictures! I've always wanted to visit Alaska. If it's your #1, it sounds like it is definitely worth the trip!

  5. Glad I was an inspiration for your pattern post -- we had a blast in Alaska! We walked right past that AB building a couple of times -- it was pretty neat! You were an inspiration to some green and blue pancake making over the weekend -- hoping to post some pics later on this week :)


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