Wednesday, May 25, 2011

All This Green

All this rain has been driving me a little batty. 

We are lucky that we haven’t had any tornadoes or devastation in my area.  My heart goes out to those who have to start from scratch with nothing left after a horrible storm.

The crops haven’t been able to go in as planned around here, and the water level is pretty high in all our local ponds and creeks.  But the one thing that I have noticed this year is all the GREEN that comes with so much rain.  Sure there’s brown too – all the mud left over from receding water, but the green has been so vivid it sometimes takes my breath away.

Though we don’t love where we live, and we really don’t love our neighborhood, we’re fortunate enough to have a very lovely, tree-filled backyard.  When I look up from my chair I see GREEN, and it makes me happy.


Having these POPS of green in my pictures makes me happy too.  Even a bad picture looks better with the bright pop of green in the background, I think.


I call this next one: Boy Meets Snake. I call this one "boy meets snake"

I’m an eternal optimist, so I’m always looking for the good in things.  This is my “good” in the horrible rainy season we’ve been having – I’m thankful for all the green. 

Therefore I will give thanks to You, O LORD, among the nations, And I will sing praises to Your name.” 2 Samuel 22: 50

He wanted to listen to my music

*On a side note: all these photos are Straight Out Of the Camera (SOOC).  Can you imagine if I ran them through Photoshop to enhance the green?  Breathtaking, I’m sure. (at least for me)


  1. Great pictures! I love one with the snake - well somewhat. I'm not a fan of snakes :)

  2. We go to the zoo about once a week in the summer. You will have to join me next time :)


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