Monday, February 15, 2010

One More Thing….

I forgot about this Growth Chart Moment on my last post, and I didn’t want to forget to mention it here.

Jack is shaking his head “no” when he really means no.  It’s adorable!  When he doesn’t want something to eat, he’ll nod ‘no’.  When we say no to him, he’ll nod ‘no’.  It’s so cute.  And it’s very exaggerated, so it’s even cuter than just a plain old nod.  It’s also extremely handy.  It is so helpful now that he’s able to communicate his likes and dislikes. 

I just thought I’d share that with you.  And it allows me another post in which to add an adorable picture! 

We went out in the new snow today.  We now have a little more than a foot of snow.  That sounds like a lot, but most places around here have over two feet!  We’re kind of jealous.  We really wanted the snow!!


  1. He also shakes his head NO, NO, NO when Aunt Beth asks him to give you a kiss...luckily for him I know how to ignore that and still get kisses and smiles. ;-)

  2. You can have some of it. L and E have only went to school two days last week and haven't been this week.

    i'm supposed to be recovering from having a baby not entertaining L and E too

  3. PRECIOUS picture! I bet he had a blast in the snow. Enjoy these moments!
    The Park Wife

  4. Soooooooooo cute ... oh my gosh, his little red nose. SO cute.

  5. you have a blog award!


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